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Ron Grubbs
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I grew up an Army Brat and traveled all around the world. We were accustomed to moving every 2 years. I joined the Army and served in Korea and was called back to active duty for Operation Desert Storm. After graduating from the University of Louisville, I joined Unisource and then worked for many different stretch film manufacturers. I had the luxury of being trained by the best of the best and had many great mentors in my life. My most rewarding professional moment was starting Alliance Plastics with my Father who instilled in me the notion of duty, honor and integrity. My Dad served 4 tours in Vietnam and 30 years in the Army and my Mother survived war torn Korea nearly starving to death. I am truly grateful for the values that they gave me. At Alliance Plastics, we think differently, we want to make the greatest and most innovative products in what has become a stale and bland industry. We push the limits because we don’t know any other way. It permeates through our entire staff and what makes me so proud is their pride which is displayed from the products that come off the line to the highest measure we put on customer service.

Monique McGhee
Hr director
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Gale Marcus
West coast manager
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Welcome to Alliance Plastics West Coast! My name is Gale Marcus and it is truly a pleasure to handle Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington & New Mexico! I give you my commitment in offering a great product, competitive pricing with exceptional service and follow though! Living in Las Vegas, near our manufacturing warehouse is a convenient an easy commute to your location. We can keep freight cost down with the proximity and eliminate long lead times.

Our innovative Vented Line and DX corner board will keep your clients on technologies cutting edge! I will work with you and focus on the needs of the end user. Together, we can determine the best product and price point.

“If you succeed, we succeed”

I look forward to meeting your packaging needs and introducing you to our product line! Here’s a toast to great success and a continued partnership!

Sarah Lister
Regional sales manager
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Sarah was born and raised in Florida. Her grandfather owned and operated a conveyor company specializing in citrus machinery, so she, quite literally, grew up in the manufacturing industry. She graduated from USF and began her career as a Special Education teacher working with children with behavioral disorders. During her teaching career she completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration. Looking to expand her horizons, Sarah left the teaching profession to pursue an unexpected opportunity as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. As that industry contracted, she started to look for other opportunities and was intrigued by an offer to join Alliance Plastics. Sarah has been with Alliance for 7 years and continues to be an important part of the Alliance Team. She currently lives in Clearwater, Florida where she loves to bike, paddleboard, kayak and care for her two yorkies, Stewie and Kelso.

Courtney Jungnickel
Midwest regional manager
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Courtney Jungnickel is the Midwest Regional Manager for Alliance Plastics and covers Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. She started as an intern at Alliance in 2011, and has now been an employee for 4 years. Courtney graduated from Augustana College in 2011 with a bachelors degree in Business Management and a minor in Communications. She resides in the Chicago suburbs with her Bernese Mountain dog Autumn.

Keitra McClure
CSR manager / inside sales
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I’ve worked at Alliance Plastics for eight years now. I enjoy my job. I have three children, a daughter Erika and two sons, Brandon and Khiry. I also have a very special granddaughter, Kennedy.

Nikki Pressley
Customer service representative
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I handle the West Coast area and have been with Alliance for 3 years now. Love my customers! and my work family is absolutely awesome. I enjoy helping others and doing all I can to meet the customers needs.

I have 2 daughters, Courtney is 25, and Emily is 23 1/2, the best daughters in the world (My world anyway) and then there is Baylee, Timmy’s 4 year old Granddaugher.

I am her NeNe, and she keeps me smiling.

Lucas Russel
Maintenance manager
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Originally from Pennsylvania moved to this area 15 years ago. I worked on the machinery so often with another company, that I had to come and join Alliance Plastics. In a growing company, when you have this much equipment, something always needs to be fixed. Alliance is a growing company and I find that I have grown with them. I love the family atmosphere and working with people that really care.

Deanna Terry
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I´ve been happily married to the love of my life for 22 yrs, have 3 rescue cats and love to travel.

Rocco Burgos
Distribution manager, rock hill
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Tara Wilson
Csr, midwest region
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Don Long
Facility manager
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While my family roots are deep in eastern North Carolina, I have spent most of my life in South Carolina and a short time in Georgia. I attended (supported) the University of North Carolina. Some ask me when was I there. My pat answer is “I was there for 3 terms, Johnson’s, Kennedy’s and Nixon’s.”I love just some basic necessities of life: my Creator, my wife, my son, my friends, tomatoes, grits, okra, corn, sweet tea, lots of candy, almost all animals (most have a reason for being here and deserve compassionate care), my hammock, my basketball goal, my grapevine and North Carolina basketball and football plus whoever Duke is playing.“I would rather you dislike me for who I am, than like me for who I’m not”.

Nicole Whitlock
3rd shift banding film lead
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Daniel Rivas
1st shift banding film lead
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Michaela Skinner
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Luis Lopez
Segment manager, specialty products
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Yvonne Valentin
Inventory specialist
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Johnny Sicarairos
Production supervisor Las Vegas
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Gilbert st. Laurent
2nd shift banding film lead
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Alfonso Perilla
Plant manager, rock hill
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Abel Velasquez
Vented film supervisor
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Hector Cerda
1st shift edgeguard lead
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