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Alliance Plastics

Alliance Edgeguard uses the very best raw materials to construct it’s boards. No seconds or trim stock is used. Only 100% made to order raw materials paired with the high solid content in our glue recipe is used to ensure the highest quality board. Trust Alliance Edgeguard to get your products to their destination safely. Utilize Alliance Edgeguard to stabilize your loads, protect against edge damage, and reduce the cost of rejected product. Safely double and triple stack skids with Edgeguard’s industrial leading stacking strength. Enjoy an improved level of worker safety with our fully wrapped board. Reduce dermatitis and cuts with boards that have no sharp edges. No need for gloves to handle Alliance Edieguard. One and two color print is available. Promote your customers brand with a visible medium that stands out and is VERY affordable.

Alliance Plastics Alliance Plastics
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Alliance Plastics