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Your August 2018 News & Updates

Alliance Plastics

Resin Market

According to the trade journals – we should have bought Apple stock in 1994. We would be millionaires right now. Also, we find that resin has been very active in the spot buy market. It has been stagnate and lower according to Plastics Exchange. It should see some potential movements as more geopolitical events will affect the build up of supply here in the US market. You have so many people that are absolutely appearing desperate as they add more capacity but yet can’t seem to sell it. I see some fabricators discounting. Also, we see the entry of new players from Malaysia putting a plant in Phoenix, the former PG films people adding a plant there as well and new capacity coming on board in the form of new lines at current manufacturers. How can I forget our friends at PRATT who are putting in a stretch film plant. It seems we are awash in new capacities but not enough growth in the market to take all these new pounds. I suppose you all will enjoy the HUNGER GAMES – Stretch Film edition.

Paper Market

I was asked by a Judge, “Where do you find your tailor?”
Me – “I don’t understand your question, your honor”
Judge – “I am confounded by the man who can cover the set you have with fabric!”
Me – “I learned from our friends in the paper industry!”
I am redundant lately. Like the chance of a brownie lasting long in my household, so was my answer of “Will we see some relief around here?”. The brownie has no chance, and neither does a healthy dose of relief in the paper industry. The crappy stuff is on sale for the great price of “WAY TOO MUCH” with a discount of “I DON’T CARE. SOMEONE ELSE WILL BUY IT”. I am afraid we are in high tide for a while and vagrants like us are getting kicked out of the nice park because the paper guys are building a country club. Just look up the quarterly profits that have been reported. Hint: the words “RECORD” are used more than once.

Ron’s view:

I did my DNA testing a while ago, and I shared with you my results. I am quite a mutt. I didn’t tell you why I did this testing, it wasn’t to upset my Mother by telling her that she is a third Japanese when she is fiercely Korean. My goal was to find a long lost brother that I didn’t know about until I was sent a surprising email.

Dear Ron,

My name is Reed and I live in Texas. Married for 32 years and 2 children. I know this e-mail is “out of the blue”, especially on Father’s Day, but here it goes…….

I am conducting family genealogy research on me and my family, especially since I was adopted. I was born in August 23,1960 and I know the birth mother was from Indiana. I was actually born in Florida, but I think it was because the mother went to an unwed mothers home or relative at the time for my birth.

In my research, I found this posting that your father wrote back in 2003…….

I have identified MVL (Birth Mother’s initials) and currently researching that angle.

Would you have any information from your father’s past or information that might help me in this research?

I am sorry about your father’s passing and appreciate his service and yours for this country. My father served in the Navy during WWII and my grandfather was a physician in Indianapolis and served in both WWI and WWII. Both of my parents are deceased.

I know this is a lot to absorb……the internet is unbelievable for this type of information/research.

Thank you Ron and Happy Father’s Day.



Reed, is a great person who reached out to me thinking he was my half brother. To be honest, he was such a nice person, I was sad to learn he wasn’t my brother. However, I have a brother out there, somewhere. My father was looking for his biological son who was born on August 10, 1960. He is 9 years older than I am and I wish I could find him. The records were sealed and so I felt an obligation to try to reach out to him. I don’t know if he even knows we exist. I don’t know if he’s angry or if he’s had a good life. I am partly reluctant, because I don’t know what to tell him about the father who gave him life, who gave him 50% of the DNA that makes him who he is.

I can only offer him this:
Dear Brother:

Your Father was a flawed man. Your Father was a good man. He lived a complicated life but lived simply. He served our country and fought so others wouldn’t have to. He was a person who in the end thought of you every day and wanted to know you, see you and tell you what he missed out on by not meeting you. He turned on the lamp to shine so you could find him through the murky world. He wishes you a great life and that he tried desperately hard to connect with you but he was unable to do so before the light on the lamp went out. He kept that light on for you for as long as he could. So, Happy Birthday, Brother – we share August as a birthday month and I turned the light back on for you. I hope you see it and come knocking.