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Ron’s Market Review August 2020

Alliance Plastics

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Resin Market

Well, well, well.  You thought the whooping was over, but as you all can see, it’s not.  Resin increased a whopping 5 cents per pound, that’s 9 cents in two months.  That’s an increase of 15-20% of resin cost during a time of plunging GDP, a shortfall in local, state, and national government spending, and by the way, if you haven’t heard, a global pandemic.  I don’t understand the economics of this, but I do understand greed, and I can see that old steam room where all these guys used to meet.  It’s abandoned now, and instead, they are all on a ZOOM meeting, with their masks on.  It’s not the usual mask, but more like the mask that Darth Vader uses to breathe.  These folks, Vader (EXMOB) and Darth Maul (DOW) are deciding from their Death Stars to launch another great outrage, yes, they have yet again, another increase proposed for all of us.  If only Yoda were here to say, 

Paper Market

If you recall my last update, I was crowned the King of Vulgaria.  Well, I am back to reclaiming my American citizenship, and after a quarantine for everyone’s safety, I am back and trying to control my language.  The paper industry has helped me with this as they have retracted their increases.  Unlike the Darkside of Resin, the world of paper has seen a substantially dramatic swing from an increase to a considerable drop in the OCC index.  When I asked for a refund on the increase I did pay, the phone went silent.  The music on hold was the Simon and Garfunkel song, “Sounds of Silence.” 

 “Hello?” I said into the phone. The person on the other line, who I could tell was still there because his voice said, “I’m sorry; the number you have reached is not in service or is temporarily disconnected. This is a recording.”  “Hey Tom, I know it’s you….That’s your voice”.  All I heard was Tom pretending to be a recording. He even made that beeping sound…..”I’m sorry; the number you have reached is not in service or is temporarily disconnected. The number you have reached is not in service at this time. This is a recording. GOODBYE. 

Ron’s view: 

When I think of this pandemic, I think about all our hardworking employees and our customers. All of us are deemed essential workers, and in extraordinary circumstances, we all work to make our economy continue to run.  I am blown away by the bravery and the will all our team members exhibit.  They are truly inspirational.  

This situation also makes me think of a story from another person who has been a guiding influence; he is none other than Edgar Allen Poe.  So, you would say, how does Poe offer any type of inspiration? Edgar wrote a story that I think is compelling today.  “The Masque of the Red Death,” is the story of Prince Prospero. The disease known as the Red Death ravished his land. It was a virus that caused the pores to sweat blood, thus making a grotesque image of agony and death,   

The people who were exposed were the weak, the downtrodden, and the poor.  Prince Prospero decided to follow Dr. Fauci’s advice and isolate himself, with his “safer at home” approach, thus shutting out those lowly peasants to deal with the virus alone.  However, he did not listen to Dr. Fauci’s other advice; Prince Prospero decided to invite a large gathering of the wealthy and the famous to join him. They, the rich, would wait out this evil virus, and would be protected because they were wealthy and shut away from the poor world below their castle.  

During their isolation, Prospero’s court held a masquerade ball. The Red Death showed up as itself in the guise of a poor peasant stricken with the disease.  People were appalled and outraged, how dare someone show up masquerading as one of the peasants that were dying of this disease. How dare this grotesque smiling figure  invade their party. Prince Prospero ordered this imposter to be arrested and unmasked so that they could see who they would hang in the morning.  When the guards reached for the creature, it had a phantom form, and they fell dying with the very virus they were trying to avoid.  Chaos ensued as the wealthy ran and went room to room, only to drop one by one from the virus.  

The moral of this story is that we are fighting the same fight today in the form of COVID19. This virus is among us, and the people we are losing first are our weakest and most vulnerable. The long term effects are not really known, and the virus continues to mutate and become harder to fight. We are going to have to use all our scientific might and power to defeat it.  COVID19, like the Red Death, is an equal opportunity killer. No matter how we isolate it, if we don’t do the right things, the virus will spread and will invade the lungs of our loved ones.  The best defense is the common sense we can use to prevent the spread.  

I sincerely hope for all of you to stay safe. Please, don’t be a Prince Prospero.  Let’s have compassion and do what we can to protect one another. Be a hero today by taking the precaution and steps to save lives.  Together we are strong.  

Wishing you and your families the best of health.

Remember the guidelines!


Keep 6 Feet Apart 

Wash your hands frequently

Clean and Disinfect

Be well my friends! 

Ron Grubbs,