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Alliance Plastics

Resin declined by 3 cents according to the trade data indexes. I hate to tell you this, but if you didn’t see this, you were probably even more shocked that Brutus betrayed Julius Caesar than Caesar. The resin market is poised to still give yet another 2-3 cents and then a calm will hit the market and very much like a Peyton Manning pass, it will slowly and wobbly get to its target but it will seem like it takes a really long time to get there.


Paper pricing remains steady and I suppose the profit grab from October of last year constructed by the paperboard groups has quelled their hunger for now. I don’t know when the next meeting at the local saloon or steam room will commence but when they collaborate together to decide to raise pricing, I will be the first one to get a phone call.


Since I don’t make a living at trading stocks or bonds, it’s back to doing what I know, making packaging materials. My portfolio has taken a beating but I enjoy my far less glamorous profession since it pays the bills for me. I am asked continually about the price of oil and although last month I predicted it will be in the mid to high 30s, I won’t back down on that estimation, even though it’s been struggling to stay in the low 30s. I do believe oil will track this entire year in the mid 30s and even upper 30s. I don’t expect it will rebound beyond into the 40 dollar a barrel range. Much like Peyton Manning, you have to wonder how on earth can the market continue to trudge along and with as many ups and downs yet remain so optimistic. Some analysts feel we are heading toward a recession and that we have a 25% chance of sinking into negative growth. However, like Peyton Manning and a fused neck with a weaker arm, we continue to show many signs of strength that leads me to believe we will break out of this gloomy disposition by the 2nd and 3rd quarter of this year. Presidential Elections are always an uncertain time and I won’t reveal my picks since honestly, they all look like Game Show Hosts to me.

My Panthers are in the Super Bowl and I couldn’t be more excited for our team. It’s amazing how something like a football team has excited and united an entire city. Everywhere you go here, it’s almost like an exclusive club where you see people with Panthers gear and no matter who they are, you give them a smile and a nod of the head. The amazing thing about the Panthers is there was no rush to feel accepted; they didn’t play to belong to that elite crew like the New England Patriots who believe that Super bowls are an entitlement. Since we don’t have one yet, it’s something for us to savor if we are lucky enough to win. When the Panthers began this season, most predicted an 8-8 season. By the time they were 8-0, analysts were still stating they were the worst undefeated team around and were the weakest top team in the NFL. However, the team went out every week, not for something to prove, but they played for each other and just to have fun. I liken our Alliance team to this Panthers team as well. We never seem to get the respect from the competition, I have heard them snicker and jab at us but we keep smiling and we keep working hard and we have fun doing it. When I hear the immoral jabs and despicable things said of our people and our company, I just smile and remember what my Dad said to me, “If they aren’t talking bad (used a different word here) about you, then you aren’t doing your job!”