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Ron’s October Market Analysis

Economic News The economy continues to offer wild speculation.  If you listen to one of our candidates, it’s doom and gloom and an eventual bubble-popping event that will run us into the poor house.  The Fed is still minding the store but Janet Yellin is…


Ron’s September Market Analysis

Ron’s September Market Update   Resin Market The market was waiting to drop like a Space-X rocket but in an extraordinary show of strength, the resin manufacturers put out an increase, which we all looked at as another attempt to hold prices flat but then…


Ron’s Market Review

May’s Resin Market Reviw As we’ve all seen, the market took the first price increase. I’m sure that all the folks in high hats and monocles who passed GO and collected 200.00 are laughing at each other because they received another gift, a second increase….


Ron’s Market Update

Resin Pricing:  Madness is here! Another increase is upon us and the increase looks as solid as a contested Republican convention.  The market is pushing forward with an increase; crude oil was edging higher and after the collapse of the OPEC talks in a crucial…


Price Increase Announcement

Important news regarding EdgeGuard and EdgeGuard DX pricing. April 15, 2016 Dear Valued Partners: Due to ongoing market conditions and the rise of raw materials by the implementation of market wide price increases from resin suppliers, we are forced to implement a 5% increase. This…